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Pulp Therapy

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Pulp Therapy in Spotsylvania, VA

Maintaining proper dental health from an early age is important so that children have strong and healthy permanent teeth as adults. Smile Lake Anna offers pediatric dental treatments for children of all ages. 

Dr. Clark is a family and pediatric dentist in Spotsylvania that you can trust to provide specialized procedures like pulp therapy in children! Our team is dedicated to providing excellent care and customer service. If your child has cavities in their baby teeth, give us a call to find out about dental procedures we offer for children.

What is Pulp Therapy?

Pediatric pulp therapy—also called a baby root canal, pulpotomy, or pulpectomy—is an endodontic treatment for children that aims to restore the health and function of baby teeth (and sometimes permanent teeth) that have been damaged by dental disease or tooth decay.

Pulp therapy is very similar to root canal therapy, except that root canal therapy is typically performed on adults and pulp therapy is a pediatric treatment performed on the primary teeth or permanent teeth of children.

The pulp of the tooth is the center part of each tooth that is made up of the nerves, tissue, and blood vessels that are vital to the health of the tooth. In children, the pulp of the tooth can be damaged due to poor oral hygiene habits, dental trauma, or something known as “baby bottle tooth decay,” which is when the tooth is damaged due to excessive exposure to sweet and sugary liquids.

If your child has an infected tooth, our dentist may recommend an endodontic procedure known as pulp therapy to restore health to the pulp chamber and strengthen and restore your child’s primary teeth and prevent other problems like early periodontal disease.

Signs of Pulp Diseased Pulp Tissue

Infected teeth can cause intense pain in children, but they may have a hard time describing the kinds of tooth pain they are experiencing. Here are some signs to look out for that may indicate that your child has a dental disease:

swelling or redness of the gums around the teeth

sensitivity to sweet foods

gums that are tender or painful to the touch

pain or sensitivity to hot or cold foods

night pain or unexplained mouth pain

If your child is experiencing any of these issues in either their primary or permanent teeth, you should schedule an appointment with us to ensure that your child receives proper care to restore the health of their teeth. 

Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy

Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy are two beneficial procedures that can correct damage to the tooth structure.

If only the tip of the dental pulp is damaged, our dentist may perform a pulpotomy, which only requires removing the infected pulp and surrounding tooth decay. A pulpotomy leaves the healthy part of the tooth intact. The dentist will remove the affected part of the tooth and replace it with a biocompatible material that will protect the rest of the tooth. The dentist will place a crown over the tooth to strengthen the tooth and prevent further damage to the tooth structure. The crown will minimize the chance of tooth decay in the future.

If the patient has deep tooth decay that has affected the entire pulp, they will likely need a pulpectomy. When the entire pulp is infected, it must be removed completely so the dentist can clean the root canal and remove any decayed material. Again, the dentist will use biocompatible material to fill the tooth and then place a crown to protect the structure of the tooth and reduce the chance of tooth decay in the future.

Tips for Caring For Your Child's Teeth

You can help your child practice good dental hygiene to help reduce the chances of decay in their primary teeth. Teaching good dental hygiene practices from an early age will help ensure that your child has healthy adult teeth in the future.

Here are some tips to help avoid pulp tissue damage and cavities in children: 

  • Teach your child to brush their teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  • Make sure your child brushes their teeth at least twice daily; once in the morning and once before you put your child to bed.
  • In very young children, you can help prevent baby bottle tooth decay by not giving your child any sugary juices or colas in their bottles. 
  • If your child snacks frequently, have them brush their teeth more often or rinse their mouth with water.

By establishing good oral health routines early on, you can help your child avoid oral diseases in their primary teeth.

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Contact Smile Lake Anna for Endodontic Treatment and Pulp Therapy in Spotsylvania, VA

Smile Lake Anna offers dental care for both children and adults. Our endodontic services include common procedures such as pulpotomies and pulpectomies, as well as root canal procedures. Dr. Clark is a board-certified dentist with experience in pediatric dentistry. Our friendly staff will provide the highest-quality services for your child and ensure the experience is a positive one. Contact us today to find out about our dental services for children.