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Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting in Spotsylvania, VA

Smile Lake Anna provides bone grafting in Spotsylvania, VA for our patients who have suffered bone loss due to tooth loss or periodontal disease. This surgical procedure restores the bone tissue in the jaw in order to provide a strong base for your teeth.

Why is Bone Grafting Needed?

When the structure of the jaw bone has been compromised due to dental decay, tooth loss, or bone deterioration, the jaw bone that supports the tooth begins to reabsorb. Bone grafting replaces the missing bone with a piece of bone from another part of your body or from a bone bank donor. Artificial bone material can also be used

The bone grafting material strengthens the surrounding native bone in order to provide a strong base to support the teeth and preserve facial structure.

You may need a bone graft if:

  • You have suffered facial trauma that has resulted in a bone fracture
  • You need dental implant surgery and your bone isn’t strong enough to support the implants
  • You have severe periodontal disease that has damaged the bone and gum tissue in your mouth
  • You have congenital bone defects
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Benefits of Dental Bone Graft Surgery

There are many benefits to the bone grafting procedure.

Stimulates bone growth

Helps to maintain facial structure

Supports dental implants or natural teeth

Preserves the remaining healthy bone in your jaw and face

Caring For Your Bone Graft

Bone healing requires time, and recovery ranges from several weeks to a few months.

During your recovery, you should follow all post-operative instructions. You should avoid applying pressure to the affected site, including touching the area or pushing down with your tongue. If you experience any discomfort in the days following your procedure, you can take over-the-counter pain medication. 

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