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Digital X-Rays


Dental X-Rays in Spotsylvania, VA

Smile Lake Anna is proud to offer the latest digital technology with digital x-rays in Spotsylvania, VA. Digital dental x-rays offer several benefits compared to traditional x-ray film. They allow our dentist to provide an accurate diagnosis of any dental issues, emitting less radiation, providing quicker results, and offering clear images without distortion.

When you visit our dental office for your dental examination, our friendly team can answer any questions you have about digital radiography.


Types of Dental X-Rays

We use digital x-ray imaging during your regular preventive care visits in order to ensure that you have great oral health. Digital images are helpful in diagnosing problems with teeth, jaw, and gums.

Here are common types of dental x-rays we offer and their uses:

Bitewing X-Rays

used to detect tooth decay and changes in bone density that may indicate gum disease.

Full Mouth and Panoramic X-Rays

a series of x-ray imaging that captures a picture of your whole mouth, which is used as a baseline for your dental health or to prepare for dental procedures like root canals or tooth extractions.

Periapical X-rays

show an image of the whole tooth and are used to detect changes in the tooth root or bone structure.

3D CBCT X-rays

In less than a minute, hundreds of premium images are captured from a variety of angles by rotating around the patient. The data captured is used to reconstruct a 3D image to allow Dr. Clark to diagnose and treat with the most advanced technology.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Radiography

Digital x-ray sensors have replaced conventional x-rays because they emit less radiation exposure and they provide high-quality images that give an accurate depiction of the patient's overall oral health. Although radiation exposure in traditional medical x-rays is low, this technological advancement decreases exposure to radiation by up to 90% compared to conventional x-ray machines.

Additionally, digital x-rays provide a 3-D image of your mouth that can be viewed immediately and quickly shared with other healthcare providers such as orthodontists or oral surgeons.

Find Out More About Digital X-Rays at our Dental Practice in Spotsylvania, VA

The dental professionals at Smile Lake Anna are committed to providing our dental patients with a high-quality experience using the latest dental technology. Patient education is important to us, so if you have any questions about our diagnostic procedures, don’t hesitate to ask one of our team members. We can answer any questions you have about x-ray testing.